The Value of Asphalt Preservation

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Preserving asphalt is cheaper than replacing it; here’s how we do it.

Travel by car is an essential way of transportation in the United States. Without a vehicle, it is much harder to get from point A to point B. In Maryland, it is certainly true. Regardless, many roads across the country suffer from poor conditions. On top of that, there might not be effective funding strategies in place. What about Maryland’s roads? How can we keep our transportation smooth, safe, and civilized? Let’s look at the value of asphalt preservation.

Asphalt Preservation Is Cheaper Than Replacement

Simply put, asphalt preservation is cheaper than a total replacement. It is a principle that it is more affordable to fix something than to buy it completely new, and it definitely applies to asphalt roads, parking lots, etc. Maryland cities, counties, municipalities, etc., can focus on preservation over replacement to maintain the communities’ roads.

Asphalt Preservation Methods

How exactly can localities go about keeping their roads in good condition in an affordable way? Traditional as well as emerging asphalt preservation methods are a safe way to go.


Sealcoating is the application of a layer of bitumen, refined coal tar that is the binding agent in asphalt itself. Routinely, asphalt contractors can clean and seal the pavement with this sticky substance, keeping it safe from contaminants that would invade its pores. Even oxygen damages asphalt over time.

Resurfacing & Crack Filling

When sealcoating is not enough, you might need to call for asphalt crack filling services. The pavement might show different crack patterns based on the type of force put upon it. Sealing those cracks is simple enough.

If the road is too old for crack filling, the affordable asphalt preservation option is to resurface it. Asphalt contractors will remove the top layer through a process called milling and install a new top layer. This type of work often happens in the summer when ambient conditions are ideal for asphalt paving.

Building Better Pavement

Asphalt pavement design itself is a detailed science, and the more durable the design is, the longer it can last with the least amount of maintenance. Perpetual pavement is the coined term for a “three-layer, flexible pavement design,” according to the APA (Asphalt Pavement Alliance.) With better designs, cities can lay the foundation for better roads.


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