Parking Lot Winter Maintenance Tips

Parking Lot Winter Maintenance Tips

Ready your parking lot for winter weather with these tips!

Parking lots continue to get much use throughout the winter, even on the coldest days. Shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, office buildings, and other public establishments all use parking lots, and these parking lots need TLC throughout the year. These parking lot winter maintenance tips will have you covered throughout this chilly and potentially icy time of year. If you need a reliable company to help maintain or fix your asphalt or concrete surfaces, Reliable Contracting is one call away.

Parking Lot Winter Maintenance Tips

Keep It Clean

Parking lots can become caked with debris, weeds, and litter over time. Property managers should take time to keep parking lots clean of trash, fall leaves, etc. Sealcoating is a great way to protect asphalt from dirt that could seep into its pores.

Check Storm Drains

Storm drains need to be clear of fall leaves in autumn and free of ice and snow in the winter. Should any problem arise with your storm drains or water pipes during the winter, Reliable Contracting’s utility division can come to your aid.

Fix the Pavement

The pavement itself should be in great condition before the worst of winter weather hits. Most asphalt maintenance and repair happens during the summer, when ambient temperatures are most suitable for asphalt work. However, cold patch asphalt is a great temporary solution to fix potholes during the cold months.

Prepare the Pavement

Once the pavement is clean and in good condition, it is time to plan for ice and snow. Businesses can choose between multiple deicers, such as sand, rock salt, crystal salt, salt brine, and deicing chemicals. The right solution will help prevent ice from forming on your pavement, a dangerous situation for visitors.

Check Signage and Lighting

Aside from asphalt and drains, parking lot signage and lighting also need to be in working condition. Signage helps to eliminate confusion in the parking lot, and adequate lighting allows visitors to see even in dark and snowy weather. 

Importance of Parking Lot Winter Maintenance

Parking lot winter maintenance ultimately protects visitor safety. It keeps pedestrians from slip-and-falls, prevents vehicles from sliding around the lot, and avoids flooding. Reliable Contracting is here to keep your parking lot in great condition, no matter what time of year it is.


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