How Potholes Damage Cars

How Potholes Damage Cars

Why do potholes matter in parking lots and roads? Here’s why they deserve to be fixed.

No matter what time of year it is, potholes can begin to form and wreak havoc on any vehicle. If you have crossed over a pothole or two in your lifetime, you might wonder what the big deal is. Moreover, you might wonder what potholes could mean for you if you manage public or commercial roads and parking lots. Reliable Contracting is here to help you see how potholes damage cars and how Reliable can keep them from bothering motorists.

How Potholes Damage Cars

Decreased Tire Pressure

Potholes are cavities in asphalt pavement. Driving over a pothole is an abrupt drop from one elevation to another, but usually for only one part of the car. Your tires are the first part of the vehicle that could suffer from this jolting experience. Your tires are like balloons, and squeezing those air pockets could cause the balloon to burst. Your tire could become flat or lose air pressure in some way, which could cause a signal to light up in your car.

Damaged Wheels

The wheel itself could also become damaged. The wheel could become dented or bent because of a pothole. If this happens, your tire’s air pressure could suffer and other parts of the car could get out of alignment (more on that soon.) All in all, damaged wheels will prevent your car from driving smoothly and could mean you need entire wheel replacements.

Altered Suspension or Steering

Driving over a pothole could also destroy your suspension or steering. The suspension is the shock absorption for the car, and the steering system comprises everything from the steering wheel to the parts connecting the wheels to the machine. The sudden unevenness that a pothole produces can damage even the deepest parts of a vehicle, causing your car to veer right or left when out of your control.

Fix and Prevent Potholes with Reliable Contracting

Reliable Contracting can help you keep your roads and parking lots free of these pesky holes. Our services include asphalt paving, maintenance, and repair, among many other specialties. Keep your local roads and commercial parking lots smooth and pleasant with proper maintenance from us in Anne Arundel County, MD!


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