Do Retention Ponds Attract Mosquitoes?

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Do these beautiful ponds cause mosquito swarms? Not necessarily!

Retention ponds are one of the most attractive ways to create proper drainage on your property. A well-maintained pond is a pleasant sight to see and attracts wildlife. However, not all wildlife are so welcome. Mosquitoes are one of the biggest drawbacks of retention ponds. One would even suspect retention ponds of becoming a liability. Do retention ponds attract mosquitoes? Let’s find out the answer to this puzzling problem.

Mosquitoes Are Attracted to Still Water

Mosquitoes do lay eggs in still water, which is why you might see them cropping out of your bird bath at home. Mosquitoes tend to lay their eggs by the edges of bodies of water, and the growing mosquitoes use the vegetation at the edges as their habitat. When the water is stagnant, the eggs can remain still and stable, fostering many future, grown mosquitoes.

Are Retention Ponds Problematic?

Apparently, retention ponds attract mosquitoes, but only if the water is stagnant and untreated. Retention ponds can be problematic in other ways, such as posing a drowning hazard and facilitating toxic algae blooms. However, with the right maintenance, retention ponds can be a thing of beauty rather than an eyesore and a liability. Plus, they will do their job well: to gradually and safely drain stormwater runoff from your property.

Ways to Reduce Mosquitoes in Retention Ponds

Attract Natural Predators

You might not be able to control where mosquitoes go in your commercial premises, but you can control their population. You can attract natural predators, like bats, to your property. Bats love to eat mosquitoes. You can also add mosquito-eating fish to your retention pond. After all, the retention pond is never dry, unlike detention ponds.

Use Pesticides

You could also add chemical solutions to your retention pond to kill off eggs and larvae. Rather than merely using a product for residential purposes, you will want to find a commercial-grade solution.

Aerate the Water

Even more effective is water aeration. As long as the water is moving, you are less likely to see swarms of mosquitoes. You can do this by adding a fountain or an aerator.


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