Preventing Flooding on Roads and Parking Lots

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Parking lots and storm management systems work together like magic!

Flooding has swept through parts of Maryland in this winter of early 2024 after the storm system that combed through the east coast. One of the greatest dangers of flooding is the damage done to homes and businesses. More dangerous still is the threat of getting swept away. Paving and stormwater management systems are major factors that determine how bad a flood can be. Reliable Contracting can help prevent flooding on roads and parking lots in these ways.

Techniques to Prevent Flooding on Roads and Parking Lots

Grading the Pavement

Flood prevention strategies aren’t always obvious. One technique is to slope the pavement just so, so that stormwater and other wastewater will trickle toward the nearest stormwater management system. If the surface of a road or parking lot was completely flat or even concave, it would most certainly be harder for water to drain.

Installing Permeable Pavement

Slope isn’t the only sneaky tactic. Allowing rain and snow to drain right through the pavement is another trick. Permeable pavement, which can be asphalt or concrete, is a layer of porous pavement with a gravel filtration body underneath it. It is similar to a French drain, allowing water to flow into a filtrating gravel basin that lets water into the soil slowly. The permeable surface allows water just one more way to escape the streets than storm drains alone.

Storm Drains & Culverts

Storm drains often connect to the edges of parking lots and roads. Various types of storm drain inlets include curb openings, drop inlets, grate inlets, and linear drains. Some combine two types. A catch basin catches the water underground, allowing debris to settle at the bottom. It empties excess water through a pipe that leads to a natural body of water. The concern about these traditional drainage systems is that the stormwater picks up chemicals and debris along the way and pollutes our waterways. That’s where these other strategies come into play.

Natural Stormwater Management Systems

Reliable Contracting is also capable of implementing stormwater management systems that use natural materials for preventing flooding on roads and parking lots. Bioswales, retention and detention ponds, and Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance Designs are just a few of our past projects. 

Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt maintenance is also crucial for preventing puddles, potholes, and floods on the pavement. Keep up with asphalt pavement maintenance with Reliable Contracting to avoid flooded engines!


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