Summer Is Asphalt Paving Season!

shady road with summer trees and mountain on horizon

Summer is coming! Now’s a great time to schedule your asphalt paving projects.

Summer is just around the corner and here sooner than you think. While vacation traffic surges once again, so does asphalt paving. Reliable Contracting maintains best safety practices for road and other asphalt paving constructions no matter the traffic conditions. Why is now the best time for asphalt work? Here’s why summer is asphalt paving season! If you have a municipal or commercial project you need completing in Maryland, Reliable Contracting is your reliable contractor.

Why Is Summer Asphalt Paving Season?

Summer is the best season for asphalt paving because the hot weather is most conducive for a successful asphalt installation. The workers must heat up and melt the asphalt to several hundred degrees Fahrenheit before applying it to the project site. If the weather is too cold for the heated asphalt to maintain its temperature, the asphalt will fail to bond and cure properly. Hot summer weather makes this problem obsolete.

The benefit of an ambient temperature is just the beginning. Asphalt workers can install asphalt pavement no matter the time of day or night in summer, too. Even at night, the temperature will still be just right. This flexibility of working hours can help your asphalt paving project go much faster.

Hot asphalt mix, the standard type of asphalt for many paving projects, is impossible to apply in the dead of winter. Cold patch asphalt is great as a temporary filler, but it will not be as effective as hot or warm mix. It is just another reason why summer is asphalt paving season.

All Kinds of Projects Involve Asphalt Paving!

Asphalt paving applies to public roads, neighborhood streets, commercial driveways, parking lots, airport runways, warehouse pavements, and much more, and summer is the best season for completing them.

A Time for Asphalt Maintenance Too

It isn’t just an excellent time for asphalt paving. It is also ideal for filling asphalt cracks, filling potholes, resurfacing, and sealcoating, among other asphalt maintenance services. If you are wondering if Reliable Contracting can help you with your asphalt project, please contact us for a quote and answers to your asphalt paving and repair questions.


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