How to Protect Asphalt from Extreme Temperatures

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Whether it’s hot or cold, asphalt can withstand the weather with the right care!

Cold weather and hot weather come and go, but sometimes, they come and go within a mere few days. Whether you have a cold spell for over a month or are bearing the heat for two days, a business parking lot or driveway also feels it. Asphalt breaks down over time and can become quite brittle or fragile under extreme weather. Here’s how to protect asphalt from extreme temperatures year-round.

How to Protect Asphalt from Extreme Temperatures

Sealcoat Regularly

The first step is to sealcoat your pavement once a year or as instructed. This coating protects the blacktop from all kinds of things that would damage it, like UV light, dirt, spills, deicers, and water. In the winter, water will not seep into the pavement’s sublayers, and in the summer, strong UV rays will not harm it, either.

Maintain from Spring through Fall

It is best to maintain the lot when the temperature remains above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That is when the majority of asphalt maintenance can be done, due to the nature of the materials. If it is below that temperature, it is a lot harder to produce a proper result. It is then that you can complete the majority of your pavement crack filling, pothole filling, and resurfacing.

Apply a Deicer to Avoid Ice Buildup

Although deicers can damage your asphalt if you apply too much or let it seep into the cracks, they are helpful in preventing ice from sticking to the pavement at all. Deicing your parking lot or driveway will only help preserve your asphalt and drivers’ safety.

Use the Right Snow Removal Tools

Sharp metal snow shovels can scratch your smooth blacktop, leaving unsightly scars. The damage isn’t merely superficial; it doesn’t do anything to help your pavement last as long as possible. Use the right snow removal tools or hire a company that will preserve the pavement. If your asphalt has cracks, removing as much snow as possible will limit water from permeating them.

Find Ways to Cool the Pavement

In hot weather, shade trees can help keep at least part of the asphalt cool. RAP, which is recycled asphalt, has a lighter color and is also cooler in temperature. Lastly, you could use a reflective sealcoating in the summer.


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