What’s in Retention Pond Maintenance?

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Retention ponds are beautiful, but they need maintenance? What’s in store?

A retention pond is a long-term water basin that helps prevent flooding on commercial or public properties. It takes in stormwater runoff and slowly drains out excess water into the ground or toward a larger body of water. A retention pond takes up significant space, but it can also be a feature of beauty on the property, besides a practical flood prevention system. If you need to install a retention pond, be prepared for the ongoing maintenance that comes with it. What’s involved in retention pond maintenance?

Retention Pond Maintenance Tasks

Keep Drains Clear

It is essential to keep all inlets and outlets clear. Otherwise, the pond will fail to do exactly what it is there to do, which is to slowly drain out stormwater. Routinely inspect all drainage points for clogs or damage and clean or repair as needed.

Mow Regularly and in Different Patterns

Water flows into retention ponds through rain and runoff alone. Therefore, erosion is more likely to become a problem at some point along the pond’s edges. One way to help prevent soil erosion is to mow the surrounding lawn in different patterns so that no one channel will form and wear down the soil.

Weed Regularly

Invasive plants tend to grow and spread very quickly, which could lead to clogs and deteriorating retention pond banks. Weed out the retention pond routinely to keep all parts in pristine condition. If possible, do not mow weeds during the growing seasons (spring and summer), as it will make the weeds grow even stronger.

Remove Excess Sedimentation

Over time, silt or muck can build up at the bottom of the retention pond. Pond bottoms need cleaning, too, from time to time. It will prevent unwanted plant growth and algae blooms. A great way to do this is to dredge the pond at least once a year.

Clean Up Litter

In a public space, you never know if litter might make its way to your retention pond. It is one thing to keep an eye out for when you perform routine retention pond weeding, clearing, etc.

Reseed Bald Spots

Are some spots around your retention pond balding? Beware of retention pond bald spots! Prevent soil erosion by reseeding them with grass or appropriate native plants.

A Retention Pond Is Worth It

A retention pond requires upkeep every year, but this maintenance is worth it when you have an excellent and beautiful way to store and drain excess stormwater. Ultimately, a well-maintained retention pond keeps floods from ruining your property.


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