Stormwater Management Ideas for Parking Lots

Stormwater Management Ideas for Parking Lots
Stormwater runoff solutions for parking lots come in different unique forms.

Maryland is a relatively wet region, especially around the Chesapeake Bay. One of the greatest concerns for Maryland construction is stormwater management, the practice of directing water safely off of impervious surfaces with as little pollution to the environment as possible. Parking lots are one of those areas where stormwater management is needed most. If you need stormwater management ideas for parking lots, Reliable Contracting can give you professional guidance. Contact us for an evaluation of your project!


One stormwater management idea is to install one or more bioswales in the parking lot. A bioswale is a small, landscaped ditch that takes in stormwater runoff. Reliable Contracting can grade the parking lot so that water will stream into these vegetated areas and nourish the soil and plants.

Bioretention Ponds

Another option is a bioretention area or bioretention pond. This construction is significantly larger than a bioswale and can become a pond if necessary. It can be covered in grass or other plants. If you expect much rainfall every year or have room for a significant landscape feature, a bioretention pond could be suitable for your parking lot project.

Storm Drainage System

Meanwhile, traditional storm drainage systems are available as well for parking lots. Your parking lot could connect to the city’s stormwater sewer system, which takes water into a retention pond or water treatment plant. Stormwater drains can be located under the parking lot or at the curbside.

Permeable Pavers

Some parking lots use permeable concrete pavers at strategic points to allow rain and snow to flow through the pavement, the gravel below it, and into the ground. One could also use porous asphalt pavement, which is designed to let the water run through the asphalt itself.

Coastal Plain Outfalls

A stormwater management idea for parking lots unique to Maryland is the coastal plain outfall. Maryland’s coastal plain has many rivers and creeks that lead to the Bay, so one way to deal with stormwater runoff is to let it run back into a natural body of water. Contact Reliable Contracting to learn more and find a solution to your parking lot’s stormwater management!


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