Cold Mix Asphalt for Winter Asphalt Repairs

Cold Mix Asphalt for Winter Asphalt Repairs

Cold mix asphalt is perfect for all your commercial winter asphalt needs.

Winter chills are upon us and our Maryland environment. It isn’t only people that feel the effects of the cold; other man-made objects, like our asphalt roads, also adjust to winter weather. Roadways might need repairs in this time or repairs to prepare them for ice and snow. Is it too late to get the roads in shape? Not at all! Reliable Contracting uses cold mix asphalt for winter asphalt repairs so Maryland roads can stay smooth.

What Is Cold Mix Asphalt?

Cold mix asphalt is a bituminous pavement that can apply to the paving of roads with low to moderate traffic. Another term for cold mix asphalt is Cold Mix Bituminous Pavements (CMB Pavements.) This asphalt is more flexible than hot mix asphalt and very porous, which is beneficial in terms of durability and drainage.

Cold patch is a similar type of asphalt that is useful for patching roads, as the name would imply. Its composition is similar to cold mix pavement and is also flexible and waterproof.

Advantages of Cold Mix Asphalt

Effective for Winter Asphalt Repairs

Hot mix asphalt can only be useful if the ambient temperature is high enough. Although Maryland sometimes has its warm spells in winter, it is better to work with an asphalt mix suitable for colder weather. Cold patch asphalt is a working paving material in winter, especially for filling cracks, potholes, and ruts. 

Lower Cost Than Hot Asphalt Mix

Cold mix asphalt does not need heating as hot asphalt mix does. An asphalt paver usually has to heat the asphalt in a machine before applying it to the road. Otherwise, it will not adhere properly. Cold mix asphalt installation is far easier and does not require heating, so the cost overall is less.

Great for Temporary Solutions

Cold mix pavement is flexible and practically the same quality as hot mix asphalt. The more traffic it gets, the harder it becomes. Even so, it is generally more applicable for affordable, temporary solutions during winter. It can help keep roads smooth until the spring, when hot mix asphalt can become a more permanent fix.


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