Winter Road Maintenance in Maryland

Winter Road Maintenance in Maryland

How do roads stay intact during Maryland winters? Reliable works behind the scenes.

Winter can be a confusing season for Maryland. Some days are frigid, while others are balmy. Nevertheless, the Maryland winter months can be bitterly cold and come with ice and snow. Maryland personnel in charge of maintaining roadways are fully aware of the responsibility of keeping winter roads safe. When roads are slippery, major accidents can happen. What does winter road maintenance in Maryland look like? 

Monitoring Road Defects

Maryland’s highway managers monitor the roads for issues throughout the winter. If there are issues such as road cracks, potholes, and improper grading, a company like Reliable Contracting can come out and fix them as necessary. As Anne Arundel County’s largest asphalt service company, Reliable is on the road to make Maryland’s highways and byways smooth and safe. 

Fixing Cracks and Potholes Early

Even so, the goal is generally to fix road problems as soon as possible between spring and fall. Winter weather can put a damper on road repairs and maintenance, and some road maintenance cannot happen unless the temperature is high enough (for example, asphalt sealcoating.) The best policy is to fill cracks, potholes, etc., before the winter weather sets in. 

Applying Cold Asphalt Mix 

If the temperature is too cold for more permanent fixes, Reliable Contracting can use cold asphalt mix instead. Cold asphalt mix produces a more flexible asphalt and is thought of as a temporary fix. Even so, it is sure to hold up well through the winter. 

Controlling Snow and Ice on the Roads

Maryland is always looking to manage the snow and ice on the roads as well as possible. In recent years, MDOT SHA has moved away from using traditional deicing chemicals and spread salt brine on the roads instead. The administration monitors salt usage and aims to minimize it to only what is necessary. Overall, it has seen positive results for motorist safety.

Reliable Contracting’s Services

Reliable Contracting’s services don’t stop in the winter; our services include trucking, asphalt, concrete, grading, utilities, and soil cement. See our portfolio and our achievements, and contact us to see how we can help you with your project. 


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