What Is Effective Erosion Control?

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Soil erosion can happen if construction crews aren’t careful. Here’s how it’s prevented.

Reliable Contracting has a portfolio of impressive projects that you can find on the Reliable Contracting website. From a solar park in Annapolis to an airport in College Park to a water pipeline for a power plant, Reliable Contracting has completed large-scale construction projects with success. Construction projects naturally disturb the soil, and that can cause erosion, even landslides, if companies are not careful. Effective erosion control is a part of the process.

Principles of Soil Erosion Control

Create More Force against Erosive Forces

The guiding principle of soil erosion control is to create a greater constant force against erosive forces. Contractors install erosion control structures such as retaining walls, filter logs, etc., to retain the existing sediment. They also might use trees and other plants to hold the soil in place. All in all, the goal of erosion control is to put a greater force against constant and anticipated erosion forces.

Reduce Water-Related Erosion

Water-related erosion can come and go; whenever it rains or snows, it has the potential to take soil along with it to the nearest drainage point. Contractors must devise a way to prevent erosion by decreasing the velocity the water will flow by decreasing slopes and increasing friction.

Limit Soil Exposure

Soil exposure alone makes soil more susceptible to mass movement. Mulching and planting trees, grass, etc., are two ways to limit soil exposure. If there are areas of exposed soil on the commercial property, one could divert the water to flow in one main channel to a close by drainage inlet.

Think Topography

Vegetation plays an enormous role in effective erosion control. Plants that are easy to manage and long-lasting, such as trees, are ideal for retaining the soil on slopes. Aside from bioengineering, grading also controls the natural flow of stormwater runoff and erosion prevention.

Keep up with Inspections

Erosion control measures such as retaining walls, grading, and bioengineering are not structures to set up and forget. It’s important to inspect the erosion control treatment area frequently to ensure it has no hints of failure. 

Reliable Contracting knows all about effective erosion control measures and implementing them in commercial construction projects. We are dedicated to developing Maryland for the better!


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