Avoid These Types of Erosion in Construction

Avoid These Types of Erosion in Construction

Erosion control is a part of construction, especially preventing these types of erosion!

Reliable Contracting performs construction projects for commercial buildings, parking lots, shopping centers, warehouses, and much more in Maryland. Our services include the installation of utilities, asphalt pavement, and concrete pavement. Part of the land development process is dealing with the site’s soil, making it suitable for construction and preventing erosion. Reliable Contracting helps businesses avoid these types of erosion in construction.

Types of Erosion in Construction

Water-Caused Erosion

Water-caused erosion takes on different forms. All in all, it is the displacement of soil particles through a large or small force of moving water. Water-caused erosion takes on different forms, manifesting in different soil patterns: surface erosion, sheet erosion, rill erosion, gully erosion, and seepage erosion.

Ice-Caused Erosion

Similar to water-cause erosion is ice-caused erosion, which has to do with the freeze-thaw cycle. This cycle can slowly loosen the soil on which it freezes, taking fine particles away with it when it melts and trickles away. Drifting ice can also move soil, rocks, and more.

Gravity-Caused Erosion

Dry, loose soil particles might roll or bounce down a slope simply because of gravity. Over time, soil will loosen from the surface, and asphalt will likewise ravel and turn into loose gravel. Gravity does the rest, particularly if the soil is on a slope.

Wind-Caused Erosion

Like gravity, wind is a natural phenomenon of the physical world that can cause soil erosion. On a windy day, dusty, loose soil can fly away.

Mass Erosion

Mass movement erosion includes landslides and debris flows. Mass movement erosion is more likely to happen due to floods, earthquakes, and other massive events. 

How Does Reliable Avoid These Types of Erosion?

Reliable Contracting professionally installs sewer lines and asphalt and concrete surfaces, keeping in mind how to control the soil underneath them. 

Soil stabilization solidifies non-ideal soil so that it is firm enough for construction. Reliable might use soil cement to stabilize the existing soil. 

Meanwhile, grading creates the slope of the pavement so that stormwater runoff does not cause erosion or a flooded building foundation. The stormwater will flow into the nearest storm drain outlet, which Reliable can install.


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