What Is Workers’ Memorial Day 2022?

What Is Workers' Memorial Day 2022?

On April 28, groups across the country take time for Workers’ Memorial Day.

Workers’ Memorial Day is a day to commemorate the workers who have lost their lives or sustained lifelong injuries due to work zone disasters. Other names for Workers’ Memorial Day are the Day of Mourning and the International Commemoration Day for the Dead and Injured. This year, you can participate and help to promote safe work zones.

Workers’ Memorial Day 2022

April 28 is the day that Workers’ Memorial Day is celebrated and is also the legislative birthday of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Workers’ Memorial Day had its start in 1989 through the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO.) Since then, organizations across the country have set aside this day to remember the workers who passed or were injured due to work zone incidents.

The Need for Work Zone Safety

Understandably, construction work zones are one of the most hazardous work environments in the country. Road maintenance, utility maintenance, and other infrastructure maintenance require placing workers close to potentially heavy traffic. Oddly enough, work zone crashes have only increased in the past few years. The rise in rate should only increase the urgency to promote work zone safety.

Ways to Acknowledge the Holiday

One can celebrate the holiday by joining an organization or creating an event to commemorate the workers who have passed. You can also promote awareness of the holiday by posting on social media or simply telling your friends and family about it. 

Striving for Safe Work Zones

Ultimately, one can thank road workers for their labor by taking care to drive and work safely. Drivers can do their part by keeping a safe distance behind other drivers, following work zone signs, and paying attention. When motorists crash into a worksite, it is the driver who is the casualty 50% of the time. As the National Work Zone Awareness Week 2022 states, “Work zones are a sign to slow down!”

Reliable Contracting continues to promote the safety and efficiency of all its road work operations. Every day, we strive to create safe work zones that help Maryland communities thrive. We thank all past, present, and future road workers for their great service!


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