Tips for Building on Swampy Land

Storm Water Management

Can you build on swampy ground in Maryland? Absolutely!

Maryland is home to plenty of watery places; some areas would be called wetlands, which are lands saturated with water either seasonally or permanently. Construction workers tend to avoid building anything on swampy ground; even so, one must remember that at least two of the greatest cities in the world, Washington, D.C., and New York City, were both built on swamps. Follow these reliable tips for building on swampy land to complete your commercial construction project right.

Start with a Firm Foundation

The foundation is the most important part of your entire commercial construction project. The first step is not to focus on your building or road’s foundation, though. You will want to look at the soil itself

The soil must be stable enough to sustain the weight of your construction without causing its foundation to crack, sink, or tilt. The construction site calls for a soil test, a sample of which will show how fit it is and what adjustments it might need to make it stable for construction.

There are a variety of soil amendments that could be made, such as adding sand, soil cement, a pile foundation, or a raft foundation, which is a concrete slab.

Preserve the Environment

At the same time, one must consider the surrounding environment. What is the current ecosystem, and how can you do your best to keep your project from destroying it completely? Reliable Contracting can help to preserve and rebuild natural wetlands, which is quite complex.

Consider Drainage

The height of your structural foundations for buildings, roads, parking lots, etc., need to work together so that stormwater runoff drains safely. The slope of the final constructed surface must be able to prevent flooding. One could use one or more type of drainage system in the plan; a traditional stormwater management system could work in tandem with a submerged gravel wetland.

Work with a Professional

Ultimately, the foundation of your construction project is what will make it a success. Reliable Contracting can work with you on the comprehensive aspects of your project, from soil stabilization to drainage installation to asphalt paving. 


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