Can You Pave Asphalt in the Rain?

Can You Pave Asphalt in the Rain? reliable contracting

Asphalt work is never done; new construction projects need new driveways and parking lots and roads need maintenance.

Rainy weather comes and goes in Maryland; you see April showers, thunderstorms in June and July, and rain in between those times. Asphalt work is never done; new construction projects need new driveways and parking lots and roads need maintenance, as do existing parking lots, airport runways, etc. The question is, “Can you pave asphalt in the rain?”

Can You Pave Asphalt in the Rain?

Can you pave asphalt in the rain? Technically, you can, but the result will not be great. In fact, it won’t be good. Asphalt must be a certain temperature when pouring, between 275 and 325 degrees Fahrenheit, to be specific, and the air temperature must be at least 50 degrees if you are using a hot asphalt mix. Other asphalt mixes allow Reliable to work in colder temperatures. 

The rain itself will affect the asphalt paving project in two negative ways. One is that the soil base will get wet, making it soft and inappropriate for the base of new pavement. The soil must be completely dry when paving happens. 

The other negative effect is that the asphalt quality will deteriorate. Oil and water do not mix, so the oil in the asphalt will rise to the top of the mixture as the rain mingles with it. The rain will compromise the whole integrity of the asphalt. 

Therefore, the real answer to the question, “Can you pave asphalt in the rain,” is “no.” 

Scheduling Asphalt Work with a Rainy Forecast

Summer is a great time to perform asphalt work. Cold patch asphalt is great for temporary fixes during the winter, but while asphalt paving and maintenance happens when the weather is warm, it can rain the most. Between summer thunderstorms and the occasional late-summer hurricane, asphalt paving contractors will need to schedule around rainy days. 

Paving contractors pay more attention to the weather than you might realize. The more the likelihood of rain, the closer the weather watch. The ground will need to be completely dry before work can resume; if rescheduling is necessary, the contractor needs to communicate closely with the customer to keep them up to date.


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