How Temperature Changes Affect Construction

Avoid These Types of Erosion in Construction

Construction crews face all kinds of weather. Does a changing season affect the work?

Every region has its own climate, general weather patterns, and unique events throughout the year. Seasonal temperature changes require some adjustments for construction workers, and with the right team, a construction project can go smoothly no matter the season. How exactly do temperature changes affect construction?

How Temperature Changes Affect Construction

Construction Workers

Working outdoors for hours on end requires preparation and facing harsher elements than you would in an office. At the height of Maryland summer, construction crews must face the hot, stagnant humidity and the direct summer sun. In the winter, freezing temperatures can penetrate the bones. The right clothing will ensure comfort, breathability, functionality, and protection from the elements.

Construction Equipment

Heat causes molecules to expand, while the absence of heat causes molecules to contract. This principle has a mild effect on construction tools and vehicles. Severe weather has the greatest impact on them, possibly wearing them out faster due to the strain. If the weather is wet, the machines must be in good condition to avoid a fatal mix of water and electricity.

Construction Materials

Construction materials can suffer if the climate is not right. For example, some materials will take longer to cure, and some materials, like asphalt, will fail if installed when it is raining. Asphalt installation is only successful if climate conditions like temperature and humidity fall within a specific range.


Very dry weather will make a construction site dustier, which creates health hazards for workers’ lungs and visibility. On the other hand, high humidity with little to no wind makes the weather feel a lot hotter than it actually is and can cause fatigue. 


Stagnant air and high winds are both problematic. Without even a slight or occasional breeze, it feels hard to breathe and the heat is not for the faint of heart. High winds from hurricanes will cause construction work to come to a halt to avoid machinery, construction materials, or people blowing over. 

Completing Construction Successfully No Matter the Season

Seasonal temperature changes come with their health and safety risks, but Reliable Contracting has decades of successful construction project completions in every season. Reliable has also won the STEP Diamond Level in 2022!


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