National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Thank a trucker; it’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

The roads have many travelers, and commercial trucks are a significant part of the picture. Without truckers, the United States would see an unprecedented decrease in supplies of every imaginable kind. Truckers play a larger role in our daily lives than many realize, and during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we can recognize how important they are for the work they do and take our time to thank a truck driver. Reliable Contracting is happy to celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week in 2022!

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is a time to recognize truckers and thank them for their service. In 2022, this time spans from September 11-17. NTDAW was created by Bill Webb in the mid-1990s as an attempt to help the trucking industry thrive and retain its employees for longer. The strategy was simple: to show love to its employees internally and encourage others to also show encouragement and respect

Why is NTDAW a week-long celebration? Every day should be a day to appreciate truck drivers, but a daily national celebration wasn’t feasible. A week-long celebration highlights that every day of the week is a day to thank a trucker.

Did You Know?

Did you know that truck drivers transport and deliver about 70% of all goods to Americans yearly?

Did you know that about 80% of all American towns rely solely on trucking services to receive supplies?

Did you know that there are over 3.7 million class 8 (heavy duty) truckers, 11.49 million commercial trailers, and over a million more for-hire and private carriers across the U.S.?

Clearly, the trucking industry is no small part of our everyday economy and lives. This week is the prime time to show trucker appreciation with signs, cards, food drives, and more.

Reliable Contracting Paves the Way

Reliable Contracting helps keep the roads in Anne Arundel County and beyond safe and smooth for truck drivers and all other vehicles to travel on. We take a moment to thank truck drivers for their faithful service to the valuable work that they do. Happy National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!


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