National Road Traffic Awareness Month

National Road Traffic Awareness Month

Safe driving practices make safer roads! Here’s to National Road Traffic Awareness Month!

National Road Traffic Awareness Month falls in August, one of the busiest times for end-of-summer-vacation road travel. Different months and weeks of the year have celebrations bringing out awareness of different road safety issues, but the month of August is a time to remember the need for good road safety habits overall. National Road Traffic Awareness Month is a time to remember!

The History of National Road Traffic Awareness Month

National Road Traffic Awareness Month is one of the multiple road safety awareness celebrations set by U.S. highway departments. More importantly is the awareness of the increase in road accident rates, which have only become a sadly common occurrence as countries worldwide have embraced transportation via automobiles. The very first automobile accident happened in 1771, when a man drove into a wall in France. 1891 was the first year that recorded a fatal car crash in the United States, and ever since then, accidents have reached into the millions per year in the U.S. The better we can follow safe driving practices, the safer our roads can be.

What Is National Road Traffic Awareness Month?

A Promotion of Traffic Awareness

National Road Traffic Awareness Month is a time to highlight the most prevalent road traffic issues today. Distracted and reckless driving continue to be top reasons for accidents, reasons that are not difficult to amend. 

Distracted driving includes any condition where the driver is not focused on the road, such as when fatigued, talking to someone in the vehicle or on the phone, occupied with thoughts or emotions, or intoxicated.

Reckless driving is an intentional neglect of the traffic rules, such as speeding, going below the speed limit, tailgating, and other dangerous practices. 

A Reminder to Follow Road Safety Tips

Meanwhile, this national celebration also aims to remind people to follow safe driving practices. Staying alert and focused on the road, following the traffic rules, and being careful around road work and pedestrians are primary road safety rules. Even if you are an experienced driver, it is better to keep the rules than to break or bend them.

A Celebration of Life

Ultimately, National Road Traffic Awareness Month is a celebration of life, a promotion of smoother road trips and less accidents. The roads are a wonderful part of our country, and the ability to travel full of convenience and independence. Remembering the best ways to travel safely makes life better.


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