National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month

National Roadside Traffic Awareness Month

This upcoming July is a time to remember National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month. Learn more about it here.

July is National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month! Roadside traffic safety is a pressing issue today and one that deserves attention. Every year, thousands of fatal crashes occur, and according to the statistics, July through October is the most likely time for them to happen. You can do your part in promoting National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month by following the advice below and learning more about this national observance.

Vacations & Travel

The months of July through October are when Americans go on vacation the most. Summer through the cool of autumn is one of the nicest times of year to get on the road and enjoy the beautiful scenery

However, fatal crashes for drivers and pedestrians alike tend to increase during this time. A third of the fatalities happen between dusk and dawn, that is, in low light and nighttime conditions. The roads are less crowded at night, but the rate of drunk driving goes up at the same time. Summer and early fall are a great time to enjoy the road and trails, but it is also a time when caution is especially necessary.

National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month

National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month aims to bring roadside traffic safety issues to light, especially during July, the first month when this increase in fatalities has happened. This observance especially highlights the need for caution between drivers and pedestrians, aside from drunk driving incidents.

Tips for Promoting Roadside Traffic Safety

You can do your part to decrease the rate of roadside traffic accidents by being prepared and staying alert. As a driver, one can be ready for an emergency by keeping your vehicle stocked with visibility tools, a first aid kit, provisions, garb for winter conditions, jumper cables, etc. 

When stepping out of your vehicle onto the roadside, stay as far back from traffic as possible and use tools to make yourself as visible as possible. Common tools include flashlights, traffic wands, and reflective clothing. Even so, it is best to stay in your car if you can.

As a pedestrian on the roadside, one should also wear highly visible clothing such as white, yellow, neon, or reflective garments. One should stay out of the way of traffic and never assume the cars will stop for you. Make eye contact with drivers near you before crossing in front of them.


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