Asphalt Paving and Summer Weather

Asphalt Paving and Summer Weather

Asphalt paving is splendid in summer for projects and travelers alike.

The first day of summer is June 21, and asphalt contractors are busier than ever. This time of year, you may observe an uptick in asphalt paving activity, besides the number of families flocking to vacation. Asphalt paving and summer weather simply go together, both for road managers and travelers alike. Here’s more about it below!

Asphalt Paving and Summer: A Time of High Activity

Asphalt paving and asphalt maintenance can achieve great results when performed in summer. When paving or resurfacing asphalt in the summer, road workers have more time to compact and smooth it. With warmer temperatures, it takes longer for the asphalt to cool and harden, which gives more time for smoothing out all bubbles that could turn into potholes down the road.

Sealcoating in particular is easier to do in summer than in winter. In fact, the weather must be about 50 degrees Fahrenheit for sealcoating to happen successfully. The sealcoating material will seep into the asphalt better and can also dry faster in summer. 

Another great benefit to doing asphalt work in summer is the weather itself. The steady, warm days and nights make it more comfortable and efficient to perform road work of all kinds. Asphalt work quality partly depends on the temperature, humidity, and possibility of rain and snow. 

Asphalt Paving and Summer: Making Travel Possible

There is more than one connection between asphalt paving and summer; smooth roads also make travel possible, and now more than ever is the time when families and friends go on road trips of all kinds. Asphalt as a technology has advanced so far that one can travel on smooth, splash-free, and long-lasting roads today.

Some asphalt mixes minimize wet, slippery roads by allowing for drainage right through the asphalt itself. While storm drains and proper grading help channel excess rainwater, permeable asphalt also helps vehicles stay high and dry on the road.

Asphalt is also recyclable; recycled asphalt is significantly more affordable than new asphalt and works just as well when properly installed and sealed. Asphalt recycling also saves the U.S. over a billion dollars annually and lets the environment rest.

Reliable Contracting makes it possible for travelers to enjoy the road, and summer weather helps make both paving and transportation better. 


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