How Asphalt Recycling Benefits Nature

How Asphalt Recycling Benefits Nature

Asphalt recycling is one way to preserve the great outdoors!

Every manmade element in our society impacts the environment around us in some way. One type of manmade structure that has spanned the millennia is roads. Roads have been the natural way for human beings to get from one place to another safely and conveniently for thousands of years. Some roads and road materials can help preserve nature better than others. Here’s how asphalt recycling benefits nature.

Saves Energy

New asphalt itself is already a practical, energy-saving material in that it is durable, highly effective in enabling transportation, and lasts for many years with little to no maintenance. However, recycling asphalt takes the energy savings of asphalt a step further. Asphalt recycling reduces the need to use oil for new asphalt production and takes little energy to do so.

Reduces Landfill Waste

Asphalt does wear out over time. After several long decades, you will see the bitumen filling that binds the gravel and minerals together disintegrate. If the pavement needs complete resurfacing, then the old asphalt will be milled (ground up) and then hauled to an asphalt recycling facility to be reused in a new asphalt mixture. Old asphalt aggregates are already heavily covered in bonding material and require less liquid asphalt material to create a load of hot asphalt than would be needed for new asphalt mixture.

Saves Taxpayer Money

Producing new asphalt is simply more expensive than reprocessing old asphalt into a new mix. It is taxpayer money that goes into the costs of paving roads and keeping roads in good shape. According to the National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA), U.S. citizens save over a billion dollars through asphalt recycling. These savings can go toward other purposes that also conserve the environment. 

Let the Environment Rest

The production of new asphalt involves asphalt mining and the use of crude oil, water, volatile chemicals, and crushed minerals to create the perfect blend of asphalt for different settings. Reusing materials that will not lose their durability when recycled will allow the earth to rest a little more from mining and production activities.

Asphalt & the Great Outdoors

Whether new or recycled, asphalt benefits nature through its cost-effectiveness and high quality. Asphalt recycling benefits nature in many different ways, as one can see, and is just one option for your paving projects.


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