Drive Safe This National Courtesy Month!

Drive Safe This National Courtesy Month!

Drive safely this Labor Day weekend!

September is National Courtesy Month, a month to remember the importance of kindness and thoughtfulness in all aspects of our lives. There is no limit to where to practice kindness, including on the road. Driving on the local roads and highways is a major part of Maryland life, and just one more area to celebrate National Courtesy Month.

National Courtesy Month

National Courtesy Month emphasizes the goodness of kindness and good manners. Practicing these virtues is fruitful for oneself and other people, helping to build each other up rather than tear down. One can celebrate National Courtesy Month by meditating on kindness, reflecting on self-improvement, and teaching your children how to be kind and courteous. On the road, you can put kindness to practice in the following ways.

How to Be a Courteous Driver

Follow the Rules

Following the rules of the road is perhaps one of the kindest acts you can do. Maryland and other states have different stereotypes for what kind of drivers to expect; why not be known for courteous drivers? Following the rules includes giving the right of way, using turn signals, and following cues like traffic lights, stop signs, and speed limits.

Slow Down around Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Work Zones

Roadside injuries and fatalities can happen anytime, day or night. You never know who might be on the road, whether it’s a cyclist or a pedestrian. If there is a work zone along the way, workers are often close to high-speed traffic. Slow down and keep a proper distance from all people on the roadside as a consideration of their safety.

Keep the Peace

Drivers can be impatient, but they don’t have to be! Keep the peace on the road by avoiding actions that could irritate or provoke other drivers. These include cutting people off, not allowing drivers to merge, and tailgating. Any of these actions could cause strife on the road, not to mention a dangerous situation. 

Driving slowly in the left lane can also irritate drivers who need to get through quickly, and jumping ahead of another car will not necessarily get you to your destination faster. The aim is to leave people a little better than you found them, and being a courteous driver is just one way to do that.


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