National Child Passenger Safety Week

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Road safety includes child passenger safety! These tips can help you keep precious cargo safe.

September 18-24, 2022, is this year’s timeframe for National Child Passenger Safety Week, otherwise known as Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week. Driving on the road is the primary way to travel in Maryland and throughout the country, and taking safety precautions is the wisest way to go, especially where children are concerned. This year’s National Child Passenger Safety Week is a time to remember this aspect of maintaining a safe and enjoyable ride.

National Child Passenger Safety Week

A car crash is one of the leading causes of death to children in America. The rate of child car crash fatalities has decreased from 1975 to 2019 and from 2010 to 2019, but the concern is still very real. Today, one in four children in an unintentional fatality has died from a vehicle accident. National Child Passenger Safety Week raises awareness of this issue and ways to help prevent it.

Tips for Child Passenger Safety

Child passenger safety starts with proper seating. Physical means of protecting a person in the event of an accident can save a life, which is why adults wear seatbelts. Children and babies need specialized protection according to their weight and size, which is where car seats come into the picture. Parents and guardians should follow state laws and suggestions for what type of car seat to use for those in their care. 

Additional tips for child passenger safety include training your child to behave in the car and use protection equipment like seats and seatbelts properly. Use the car seat as directed, do not share seatbelts, and stay calm in the car to limit distractions.

Maryland Child Seat Laws

Maryland’s child seat laws require any child under 8 years old, shorter than 4 feet 9 inches, or less than 40 pounds to use a car seat of an appropriate kind. The goal is to keep a child of any age protected from a catastrophe through the laws of physics. 

Reliable Contracting Aims to Keep Roads Safe

Reliable Contracting works every day to make the roads safe for all with our prolific paving and asphalt maintenance services in Anne Arundel County. We aim to make the road a better place all the time, and child passenger safety is just one part of the picture.


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