3 Reasons to Choose Concrete Recycling

3 Reasons to Choose Concrete Recycling
Read on to learn more about the benefits of concrete recycling in construction.

Construction projects of any kind require a lot of moving parts. Engineers, architects, and construction professionals in various specialties must work together to ensure that each task is completed within time and budget constraints. Contractors and project stakeholders have countless tools at their disposal to streamline and optimize construction processes, and concrete recycling is a popular choice for all kinds of projects. Read on to learn more about the benefits of concrete recycling in construction.

Concrete Recycling Reduces Transportation and Disposal Fees

Construction professionals can incorporate concrete recycling at various stages. Recycling concrete as structures are demolished or torn out can limit disposal fees and transportation costs for construction waste. Rather than hauling old pavement to a landfill or disposal site, construction professionals can either send the material to a nearby plant for processing or reuse it later on in their project. This eliminates disposal fees and often reduces or eliminates transportation expenses. Transportation savings are maximized when concrete is recycled on-site: some projects are suitable for on-site concrete removal, processing, and reintroduction in the form of fill materials or fresh pavement made from the recycled aggregate.

Concrete Recycling Means More Affordable Materials

Many types of projects can benefit greatly from concrete recycling. Instead of purchasing virgin materials like crushed stone, stakeholders can often use recycled concrete and limit material costs. Some common uses for recycled concrete include new pavement, subbase, and fill materials. Not only is reusing pavement more affordable, but it can also result in stronger concrete mixtures. Even if the recycled concrete isn’t harvested from the same worksite, it is still usually cheaper to purchase than fresh materials.

Concrete Recycling Helps the Environment

Because concrete recycling limits the use of new materials, it helps preserve natural resources. The process can also help the environment by reducing freight emissions and keeping waste out of landfills. Helping the environment is something that everyone can feel good about, especially stakeholders — green construction practices are a great way to build support for a project, and incentives like LEED Certification can have significant benefits. 


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