Why is Sitework Important?


Sitework is necessary to prepare a site for construction.

Sitework is the process of getting your construction site ready for all of the actual construction that is going to take place. Sitework can be used to describe a whole host of things done to the site, but many people don’t understand why exactly it’s so critical to the construction process. So why is sitework so important and what does it entail?

What Does Sitework Involve?

Sitework involves many different preparations to ensure that your final structure is safe, properly constructed, and located in a stable and safe area. Sitework typically involves:

Clearing & Grubbing

Clearing and grubbing is the process of removing vegetation like trees, shrubs, bushes, and plants from the construction area. Depending on the amount and types of vegetation involved, clearing and grubbing might be an involved process with many different environmental and regulatory considerations.

Subgrade Stabilization

Subgrade stabilization involves stabilizing all of the soil levels below the topsoil so that the ground beneath your construction site will not shift or cave in. If this step of sitework is not completed, your building may have major structural damage or foundation cracks in the near future.

Shoring & Erosion Control

Shoring and erosion control is used to stop your construction site from having any issues with weathering, erosion, or collapse during construction. Without proper shoring and erosion control, the entire site will not be safe and workers and equipment could be in danger.


Another important aspect of sitework is excavation. Excavation is used to remove excess soil and rocks from the construction site. This step is particularly intensive and requires experienced construction workers, large equipment, and expertise in excavation.

Drainage and Water Systems

This final part of the sitework process can mean the difference between a beautiful finished product and one that went, literally, down the drain. Drainage systems at your construction site are used to get excess stormwater out of the area and prevent it from damaging construction equipment and in-progress construction. Water systems are installed to bring clean water into the area and pump out any wastewater.

Expert Sitework from Reliable Contracting

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