Why Are Sewers in the Middle of the Road?

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Reliable knows all about sewer lines, including the answer to this common question.

One of the most common questions people ask regarding sewers is, “Why are sewers in the middle of the road?” In Maryland and other states, you will see manhole covers located at different points in the middle of residential and other roads. This everyday sight easily invokes the curious to ask why it is the way it is. Reliable Contracting has the answer, as we shall now see below.

What Are the Sewers?

The sewers form two categories: stormwater systems and sewage systems. Many people ask if they are the same thing or not. However, they are not. Stormwater sewer systems take rain, melted snow, and other liquids from the streets into the nearest storm drain and into the main stormwater sewer line below the street. The water then flows into the nearest natural body of water or reservoir. 

The sewage system is a wastewater sewer system that follows a similar process as a stormwater system does. The exception is that it takes its contents from local buildings’ sinks, showers, toilets, etc. The wastewater eventually reaches a wastewater treatment plant.

Why Are Sewers in the Middle of the Road?

Even Distance

Main stormwater and sewage lines lie deep below roads, usually in the middle of the street. Why are they in the middle? It helps create the most efficient distance between either side of the street. Houses and storm drains on both sides of the street can reach the main sewer lines at an equal distance.


Manholes are the way that skilled workers like those at Reliable Contracting can reach the sewer lines for maintenance purposes. Although the manhole covers may not seem that big, the manholes themselves are wider. It would be inconvenient to fit them underneath a sidewalk. 


Different utilities need to be kept at a distance from one another to avoid explosions and other hazards. Underneath sidewalks, you might find water, electrical, and cable lines. The stormwater and sewer lines must take in a certain capacity and stay away from these other lines.

Reliable Contracting’s Sewer Services

Reliable Contracting is knowledgeable and skilled in all things having to do with main sewer systems and the roads above them. For generations, Reliable has served Anne Arundel and surrounding counties with asphalt, concrete, and utility installation, maintenance, and repair. 


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