The Development Of The Concrete Industry

The Development Of The Concrete Industry

Reliable Contracting’s concrete crushing operation.

Concrete is just about everywhere you look. It is a strong material that has a variety of applications in the world today. Concrete is often used for house foundations, sidewalks, commercial buildings, swimming pools, and so much more! Concrete has been around for a long time, and there is no reason to think it won’t continue to be one of the most utilized building/construction materials for years to come. Here is a brief look at the development of the concrete industry.

How Has It Improved?

There is plenty of evidence which suggests that concrete was utilized by the ancient Romans and Egyptians thousands of years ago. In the past however, it was composed of substances like mud and straw. After it was mixed, it was formed into bricks which were used for a variety of building purposes. Since many of these ancient remains are present today, it goes to show you how durable concrete is as a material. Concrete is also simple to make because it is formed by mixing an aggregate with water and cement. While the concrete of today is strong and versatile, when it has reached its useful lifespan, recycling gives it a new purpose.

More Eco-friendly

We should always be mindful of our impact on the environment with everything that we do. Reliable Contracting has a strong commitment to the responsible use of its recycled resources. In fact, Reliable operates one of the largest aggregate recycling centers in central Maryland at our Waugh Chapel facility. Here we recycle concrete, asphalt, and aggregate to be used for future building or paving projects. The benefits of concrete recycling are numerous. Properly crushed and sized waste concrete can be used as a foundation for a roadway pavement, replacing quarried crushed stone or gravel. As a local aggregate source, it saves countless hours of trucking from far-away quarries, and keeps millions of tons of demolished concrete out of our landfills. Recycled concrete can also be used as pipe bedding, shoreline protection, construction entrances, and landscaping. For more information on the many uses of recycled concrete, and variety of products we sell, contact our sales team.


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