How Does Weather and Seasonal Changes Affect Asphalt?


As the seasons change, your asphalt might encounter some issues.

When most people think of asphalt, they think of a strong and durable material. Although you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking this, asphalt is certainly not indestructible. In addition to practically all human-made materials, asphalt has weaknesses. Over time, asphalt is inevitably going to experience a degree of weathering. Also, it is important to realize that seasonal changes are even going to affect the integrity of an asphalt surface. With that said, if you have asphalt on your property, here are some things you should know so you can take of it!


Many people do not realize how destructive water can be to a surface. For example, water damage can destroy a floor of a home. In the case of asphalt surfaces, it is important to realize that any cracks are essentially openings for rain, which can cause problems in the future. Generally speaking, there is more rain during the spring and the fall months. Always keep an eye out for signs of cracking so you can correct this problem immediately.

The Impact Of Cold Temperatures

The winter months bring freezing temperatures to many parts of the country. These frigid temperatures can cause asphalt to crack and allow water to get into the surface. If it is cold enough, this water in asphalt will freeze over. Since water expands when it freezes, it can result in the formation of potholes in surfaces.

The Impact of Hot Temperatures

Did you know that hot weather can actually cause cracks? If you live in a warm climate, you need to be especially conscious of this. Again, any cracks are susceptible to water to seep into the surface. If it does, it can erode the subsurface layers and result in air gaps underneath. The reason why this is a problem because if any of these gaps receive pressure, it could result in the formation of a pothole.

How To Prevent Damage To Asphalt

Do you have an asphalt parking lot? If you do, it is important to know that it is a good idea to seal it every few years to protect the surface layer. This will help protect it from water damage and seasonal temperature changes.


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