Winter Safety Tips For Construction Workers

Winter Safety Tips For Construction Workers

There are all sorts of safety hazards at construction sites during the winter season.

Believe it or not, winter is just around the corner! In a few weeks, the outside temperature will begin to plummet, and construction workers need to be on high alert. There are all sorts of safety hazards at construction sites during the winter season. In order to stay safe, a worker needs to be educated and prepared for what is to be expected over the next few months. With that, here are some tips for keeping construction workers safe during winter!

Snow/Ice Removal

Snow and ice can be treacherous! Every year, people injure themselves from winter weather. For this reason, it is essential that construction sites are clear for workers to do their jobs safely. If possible, snow should be removed ahead of time, and salt will need to be thrown down if an area is icy.

Provide A Warm Spot For Breaks

There will be some days where construction workers need to work in freezing conditions. To help keep them safe, they need to have an area where they can warm up if they become too cold. It is important to realize that discomfort can sometimes lead to mistakes. A construction worker who can’t feel their hands could be an accident waiting to happen! If you don’t have access indoors, take regular short breaks in a warm vehicle, making sure the exhaust points are clear of snow and ice.

Monitor The Weather Forecast

If you are the supervisor of a construction site, you want always to check the weather forecast before you send out your team for the day. This is important because you never want to put your workers in a dangerous situation that is avoidable. For example, construction workers should not be sent out to a site when there is a potential blizzard on the forecast.

Know Signs Of Hypothermia and Frostbite

A construction worker should know the indicators of hypothermia and frostbite. It is a good idea to educate workers ahead of time to prepare them for the worst. Supervisors should also know the signs so they can act accordingly if they see someone struggling.


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