How to Care for a New Asphalt Surface


new asphalt surface

A fresh new asphalt surface requires proper maintenance to keep it looking its best!

Once a new asphalt surface has been installed, you’ll need to make sure that you’re performing basic maintenance on it. Asphalt is subject to the elements so a certain level of care will be required in order to keep it in good shape and make it last as long as possible. Here are some tips to help you care for your new asphalt surface year-round.

Tracking and Divots

On hot summer days, asphalt easily heats back up to a temperature where it is soft and pliable. So care should be taken when making tight turns on it in your vehicle. Similarly, you shouldn’t turn your vehicle’s steering wheel while the vehicle is stationary on your asphalt surface. Tire tracking is the result of the former – power steering divots the results of the latter. Be careful when turning on your new asphalt surface in the summer and only turn your steering wheel when your vehicle is in motion.

Construction Vehicles

If you’re doing any other construction on your property soon after having a new asphalt surface paved, avoid having the construction vehicles drive on the surface if at all possible. If it is necessary, the best time for these vehicles to drive on new asphalt is early in the morning when the temperature is at its coolest. Despite this, avoid if possible as damage can still result.

Oil Spots

Oil can stain asphalt and make it somewhat gummy over time. Oil spots are not a big problem provided they are cleaned up soon after spilling on the asphalt surface.

Snow Removal

During the cold winters, you’re bound to have a snowstorm or two that you’ll have to clear from your asphalt surface. If your snow removal vehicles have chains on the tires, be sure not to allow them to spin in place on your asphalt. The chains can cause deep gashes within the surface that may not be noticeable until spring. And this damage cannot be remedied easily. Also, don’t forget to use the proper ice melts to keep your asphalt surface in good condition!


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