How a Surface is Prepared for Road Striping


road striping

Preparing a road properly helps the stripes to last longer.

Road striping is not so simple as just painting a few lines. The process requires a good amount of preparation. A contracting company has to be able to identify the type of surface, have the proper equipment to prepare the surface, and have expert workers who can complete the job in a timely manner. Here’s how Reliable Contracting prepares a road for striping.

Porous vs. Impervious Surfaces

The first step of road striping is determining what kind of surface needs to be striped. A porous surface is naturally absorbent and will bond better with the paint. An impervious surface will be much more difficult (although not impossible) to stripe. Impervious surfaces are designed to deflect liquids such as rainwater and oil. When we prepare to stripe an asphalt surface, we first figure out whether the surface is porous or impervious. After that, we take the proper steps to prepare the surface based on whether it is porous or impervious.

Surface Smoothing

The next step is to smooth the surface. Surface smoothing helps to get rid of surface irregularities, making the surface ideal for road striping. Paint will last for much longer on a surface that has been properly smoothed. We use a variety of equipment to smooth a road surface, including grinders, drum-style scarifiers, and rotary-style eradicators. This equipment can even remove old road stripes in preparation for new ones.

Clean Up Dust and Debris

Finally, we clean up any remaining dust and debris left over after smoothing the surface. Any piles of debris that accumulate must be cleared from public areas as a safety precaution (this is where our big red dump trucks come in!) Now your surface is ready for road striping!

Call Reliable Contracting for Road Striping

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