How Site Clearing Prepares a Construction Site


site clearing

We remove all rocks, roots, and trees before we begin to level out the ground.

Before creating a brand new parking lot or road, we first have to clear the site. Site clearing is the process of clearing away the vegetation and surface soil of the construction site. There are several steps involved in a successful site clearing. Here is what we do when site clearing to ensure that we get a project set up for success.

Clearing Vegetation

After designating the area to be cleared, the first step is to remove vegetation. This begins with undergrowth. After the undergrowth is cleared away, only large vegetation, such as trees and shrubs, is left to be cleared. Clearing the undergrowth first creates a safer, easier space to do the labor or tree removal. Tree cutting can be very dangerous and requires skill and expertise. The trees are cut to leave tall stumps that are easier to remove. We remove the stumps using machinery, then focus on removing the roots. It’s especially important to remove stumps and roots, as the decaying woody material can cause cracks in concrete structures built on the site. We also remove large stones and dig out animal burrows and fill them with clay. Vegetation within a surrounding designated workspace area should be cleared. Any trees and shrubs within at least 30 feet of the construction site should also be cleared.

Clearing Surface Soil

Surface soil has a high concentration of roots and other decaying materials. This makes surface soil an unstable foundation for building upon. The area to be cleared is designated, and then the surface soil is loosened, removed, and transported. The topsoil may be able to be used elsewhere; otherwise it is transported to where it can be of use. We grade the new surface of the soil and prepare it for foundation building and the application of concrete or asphalt.


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