Four Types Of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Four Types Of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Types of high visibility clothing include hard hats, safety vests, and jackets.

There are always safety hazards present in construction zones. For that reason, personal protection equipment (PPE) has a crucial place in the construction industry. It is critical to identify physical and health hazards before working at a job site. Examples of such include moving objects, electrical connections, sharp tools, and exposure to chemicals or radiation. Every type of PPE is designed to protect the user from hazards in the workplace. Here are four categories of PPE and their importance in the industry.

High Visibility Clothing

Construction zones can be quite busy, as there are usually several people present. Since this is the case, it is imperative that equipment operators have clear visibility of everyone on the job site. It is also important to remember that weather conditions are also not always ideal. Sometimes, workers need to cope with fog or rainy weather. Also, many construction jobs need to be completed during the evening when there is limited or no sunlight. Types of high visibility clothing include hard hats, safety vests, and jackets.

Hand Protection

Gloves are commonly used for construction-related projects and are one of the most common forms of PPE. The right pair of gloves should protect workers hands from specific job hazards while still providing an adequate amount of dexterity. Some types of gloves prevent chemical exposure, while others are designed to offer protection from cuts.

Eye Protection

Every year, an alarming number of workers suffer eye injuries or lose their sight because they were not wearing the proper eye protection. It is important for workers to understand that any material/substance that comes in contact with your eyes can be hazardous. This is why eye protection is one of the most common types of PPE. Whenever a worker is near physical or chemical hazards, eye protection is necessary.

Foot Protection

Workers need always to be mindful of their feet. Work boots are a common example of PPE because they are needed to protect a worker’s feet and ankles at a job site.


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