Back To School Driving Safety Tips

Back To School Driving Safety Tips

In Maryland, drivers need to come to a complete stop if they approach a school bus with activated flashing red light and the stop arm is extended.

School is officially back in session!  This is an exciting time of the year for many parents and children. Since the school year always brings road congestion, now is a great time to review some back to school driving safety tips!

How To Drop Off Your Children Safely

Make sure you understand the drop-off rules of your child’s school. By doing so, it ensures the safety of the students. Many schools school encourage carpooling because it reduces the total number of vehicles by the school. When dropping off or picking up children, always do it on the same side of the street as the school. Also, never double park your vehicle because it limits other drivers visibility of children.

How To Drive Near School Buses

Every driver needs to understand that it is illegal to pass a stopped school bus that is picking up or dropping off children. In Maryland, drivers need to come to a complete stop if they approach a school bus with activated flashing red light and the stop arm is extended. This applies to a driver who is traveling in the same direction as the school bus or the opposite direction. It is also important for drivers to understand that children don’t always obey traffic rules so always remain alert.

How To Share The Road With Pedestrians

It is essential for parents to teach their children always to stay alert when they are around traffic. In addition to children being careful when walking to school or their bus stop, drivers also need to be conscious of pedestrians. If you are driving through a school zone or residential area, be on the lookout for children. Here are some other things all drivers should know.

-Do not pass a vehicle if it has stopped for pedestrians

-Do not block a crosswalk if you are stopped at a red light. (this also applies if you are trying to make a right turn)

-Always stop for cross guards with stop signs or school patrol officers


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