How To Stay Safe in Road Construction Zones

How To Stay Safe in Road Construction Zones

It is critical that construction workers are always wearing high visibility safety apparel while on the job.

Safety is always our top priority at Reliable Contracting. We take several measures to ensure the safety of our employees in road construction zones. Be sure to check out our recent blog post about National Safety Month.

Every year there is an alarming number of construction zone related accidents. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2003-2015 a total of 1,571 construction worker fatalities occurred at road construction sites. The average number of work-related injuries that were fatal at road construction sites were 121 per year. In an effort to keep construction workers safe, here are some of the best practices for staying safe in road construction zones!

Focus On Visibility

If you are working in a road construction zone, you want to always to make yourself visible. That is why it is critical that construction workers are always wearing high visibility safety apparel while on the job. Examples of such include safety vests, bright hard hats, coveralls, and bibs. Also, there always needs to be sufficient lighting during the night. Road construction zones are increasingly dangerous when it is dark out.

Identify Potential Blind Spots

Every construction worker on site needs to be aware of all blind spot areas. They are often located behind heavy machinery, vehicles, and other pieces of equipment. Many accidents have occurred over the years in construction zones because people assume others can see them. Don’t ever put yourself in this position and always ensure you are visible to vehicle and machine operators.

Have A Safety Plan

Every construction supervisor needs to have a safety plan in place that is created for every specific work zone. The plan will identify things such as the direction of traffic, where pedestrians can walk, and where equipment will be located. Through this plan, construction workers should know exactly where they can go when they are on foot.


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