3 Construction Safety Myths

3 Construction Safety Myths

In almost all cases, construction-related accidents are preventable if there are precautionary measures taken ahead of time.

Safety is always a top priority at Reliable Contracting Company, Inc. According to The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), one in ten construction workers is injured every year. Although this alarming figure is true, there are many other false beliefs when it comes to construction safety. Don’t put your trust in any of the following construction safety myths!

Myth 1 – Accidents Should Be Expected

Everyone makes mistakes. Even with that being said, accidents should never be expected at a construction site. In almost all cases, construction-related accidents are preventable if there are precautionary measures taken ahead of time. This includes the proper planning, sufficient training, and utilizing the right systems for the job. Although most accidents are preventable, unforeseen issues can arise at a construction site, so workers always need to be on high alert.

Myth 2 – Safety Is Not Everyone’s Responsibility

Under no circumstance should there only be one person in charge of the safety at a construction site. It is the duty of every worker on site to use good safety practices at all times. Every worker should be expected to follow safety procedures and wear personal protection equipment (PPE Gear) while on site. Also, construction workers should be expected to stop working if they come across any safety hazards. Although a safety manager is important to have on site, they can’t possibly monitor all construction activity.

Myth 3 – Only New Hires Need Safety Training

Safety training should never stop if you work in construction. With advances in technologies, there is always going to be new pieces of equipment that construction workers are going to need to learn how to operate. Safety training should never be relegated to only new hires. It is also a good a good idea for there to be annual safety trainings for all workers. It is always good to review safety practices on an ongoing basis.


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