Worker Safety Tips For Construction Sites

Worker Safety Tips For Construction Sites

There always needs to be precautionary measures that ensure workers stay safe at construction sites!

Injuries occur at construction sites every year. In most cases, construction-related accidents can be prevented when precautionary measures are taken. Safety is always a primary concern at Reliable Contracting. We continuously make sure that our employees are never put in harm’s way. Here are some potential safety hazards for construction workers, along with possible solutions.


You might be amazed how often construction workers injure themselves trying to walk down a stairwell. It is imperative that stairways are always clear of any dangerous objects that could cause a person to trip. Also, it is vital that slippery conditions are corrected immediately. Any water or debris left on or near a stairway can make the area hazardous.


Construction workers frequently rely on scaffolds to complete certain projects. They are a useful tool; however, they do pose several major safety risks. They always need to be erected correctly; otherwise, they are an accident waiting to happen. A scaffold should not be erected, moved, or dismantled by an individual unless they have received the proper training. Scaffolds always need to be structurally sound.Unstable objects such boxes, barrels, loose concrete should never be used to support scaffolds. Also, scaffolds should always be equipped with mid rails, guardrails, and toe boards.


Ladders are used all the time at construction sites. Unfortunately, they are sometimes used incorrectly and in ways that create significant safety risks. It is important that constructions workers on site choose the appropriate ladder for the job. It is also essential that a competent and trained worker inspects the ladder before use. They should be looking for things like bent side rails, structural damage, and contaminants that cause a person to slip and fall.


A crane has the capabilities of causing serious harm to a worker. In addition to ladders and scaffolds, cranes need to be inspected and used correctly. Before a worker begins using a crane, they need to take a look at the controls to ensure proper operation. Also, components like the chain and wire rope need to inspected thoroughly.


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