Enjoy This Year’s National Outdoors Month!

Enjoy This Year’s National Outdoors Month!

Asphalt and concrete paving make summer travel possible!

Since 1998, the United States has celebrated the great outdoors in all its facets, particularly the great national parks. The summer is one of the best times to get outdoors and enjoy the scenery, and that’s why the month of June is National Outdoors Month. No matter what season or month it is, though, you can enjoy this year’s National Outdoors Month every day.

National Outdoors Month

National Outdoors Month began under President Clinton and the baton has been passed through the following administrations, extending to governors who joined in the celebration of our national parks and trails. Today, National Outdoors Month is also a State National Month in many states.

Road Travel & Road Safety

There is nothing quite like a road trip, and many Americans continue to enjoy the journey as well as the destination of their summer vacations. Road travel would naturally not be possible without roads on which to travel; asphalt paving and repair companies across the country like Reliable Contracting recognize the worth of a road well-paved and maintained during the busiest travel seasons. 

The summer months are also a time to highlight road safety tips as road work, roadside activity, and road travel all reach their high points. Multiple points of caution become more necessary than ever concerning drivers, pedestrians, and road construction sites. Keeping alert and following road work signs are two ways motorists can be wise during their travels.

Hiking & Biking Trails

National, state, and local parks typically have trails for bicyclists and pedestrians made of asphalt, a trusted substance for roads for decades. Without asphalt, parks would be without an enduring, recyclable, and affordable paving material. Park goers can enjoy the trails with the inventive assistance of asphalt paving and maintenance!

Sidewalks for Strolling

Asphalt isn’t the only material that helps us get from one place to another on our leisurely travels. It paves the way for vehicles, bicyclists, and hikers, but concrete paves the way for bikers and walkers. Communities with convenient, well-managed sidewalks get the benefit of having a safe path for pedestrians to stroll, jog, walk their dog, and bike. No matter which kind of outdoor activity you prefer, Reliable encourages you to enjoy this year on the roads, trails, and walkways!


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