Do Construction Workers Work in Snow?

beat the cold

Does construction continue in the snow? Here’s what to know.

Maryland has pretty mild weather; it is not too hot and not too cold. You get to enjoy all four seasons. Even so, it does have its days of severe weather. Every few years, you can expect a snow drop of a few feet that will last longer than the day or two snow usually does around here. If you are hiring commercial construction workers, you might be wondering, “Do construction workers work in the snow?” 

Can Construction Workers Work in Snow?

Construction workers can work in snow, depending on the work at hand. For some tasks, they could brush the snow off and keep working, as long as the structure is dry. For example, some professionals who may still be able to work in snowy conditions include plumbers, electricians, utility contractors, carpenters, and truckers. On the other hand, some work may need additional equipment or may need to lay at rest until warmer, drier weather.

Dangers of Doing Construction Work in the Snow

Construction work in winter has numerous risks for which construction crews need to prepare.

  • Frigid temperatures: If construction professionals do not prepare well enough or stay outside too long in freezing temperatures, they risk hypothermia.
  • Strong winds: If there are strong winds, they could be powerful enough to blow construction equipment or people over, distract workers from their jobs, and knock down power lines or trees nearby. When the wind is freezing, it hurts, too.
  • Snow and ice: Snow and ice automatically make any surface more dangerous. Workers risk slipping, falling, and injuring themselves in slippery conditions as snow and ice would create.
  • Reduced visibility: There is a chance for snow or rain during winter in the middle of a construction project. Evening also falls a lot faster in winter. Construction crews must practice caution, as these conditions make it harder to see pitfalls, construction equipment, and other workers.

Concrete and Asphalt Paving: What’s Possible?

Amid all these challenges that come with doing construction work in winter is the question of what to do about concrete and asphalt paving in winter. It is only possible to perform concrete and asphalt paving correctly in winter if you have equipment to increase the ambient temperature and keep the worksite dry, which raises costs. Reliable Contracting knows how to work around and with winter weather concerning concrete and asphalt; if you have any questions, please ask!


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