When to Use Cold Mix and Hot Mix Asphalt to Fix Potholes


pothole damage

Weather can do some intense damage on roads and driveways. Now is the time to do repairs.

Storm Jonas left a huge impact on Maryland roadways this winter. Snow, ice, deicing chemicals, and snow plows put major wear and tear on roads. The edges of roads can be unintentionally scraped away by snow plows. Water that pools inside cracks in the pavement can also expand and create potholes. These hazardous driving conditions left over from winter storms should be treated as soon as possible. Pothole repairs require the use of either warm mix or cold mix asphalt. But when do you use these two different types of asphalt?

When to Use Cold Mix Asphalt

If you are repairing potholes in the winter, you probably want to use cold mix asphalt. The reason for this is because cold mix asphalt is more manageable in the already cold weather of winter. It doesn’t need to be mixed, heated, or prepared in any special way before applying to a pothole. It also doesn’t require any kind of special tools or equipment to lay it down. Cold mix asphalt is simply shoveled onto the pothole and smoothed over with a hand tool. Cold mix asphalt doesn’t suffer any effects from the cold temperatures of winter, which makes it a great type of asphalt to use now. However, cold mix asphalt is not a permanent solution. As soon as the weather permits, you should replace a cold mix asphalt fix with a permanent warm mix asphalt fix.

When to Use Warm Mix Asphalt

Warm mix asphalt is an eco-friendly option that is great to use during the warm parts of the spring, summer, and fall months. There is also a hot mix asphalt, but warm mix is generally preferred, since it doesn’t take as much energy to produce. The major difference between cold mix asphalt and warm mix asphalt is that warm mix asphalt is a more permanent solution to potholes than cold mix asphalt.


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