All About Environmentally-Friendly Storm Water Management

environmentally-friendly storm water conveyance

Our RSCD can transmit runoff without damaging the environment.

At Reliable Contracting, we know the value of protecting our environment. That’s why we use environmentally-friendly asphalt production that incorporates recycled aggregates as well as uses warm-mix technology. In addition to the way we produce our asphalt, we also use an environmentally-friendly system to convey storm water. This system is called the Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance Design, or RSCD. As leaders in our industry, we hope to encourage others to be more environmentally-conscious. Learn more about the RSCD below.

The History of the Environmentally-Friendly RSCD at Reliable Contracting

In 2008, Reliable Contracting was the first Maryland-based commercial site contractor to install an innovative new water management system: The Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance Design. The environmentally-friendly design begins with a shallow earthen bowl that is planted with water-absorbing plants. The plant-laden bowl is coupled with an overflow channel made of large rocks, tree trunks, and more plants which effectively slow down the water flow and absorb excess water runoff. This design is more environmentally-friendly than traditional storm water conveyance designs because it absorbs and limits the amount of water runoff that typically ends up in local streams or lakes. Rather than allowing a corrugated pipe or concrete trough to lead storm water directly to nearby streams, the RSCD contacts the water at its source, retains it, and allows it to be absorbed into the ground. This system also blends in nicely with the surrounding natural environment to create a more aesthetically pleasing structure. Physical terrain features, organic chemical processes, and biological mechanisms all combine to make a dramatically positive effect on the surrounding environment and local ecology of the drainage area.

This project encouraged praise from the Maryland Department of the Environment and the Severn River Commission, among various other environmental groups. If you need a simple drainage swale installed or if you need a new design for an entire water management system, we would welcome the opportunity to bid on your next environmentally-friendly utility or infrastructure project.


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