What to Remember When Driving Near Dump Trucks

What to Remember When Driving Near Dump Trucks

Remember – if you can’t see them, they can’t see you!

Reliable Contracting is often referred to as the company with the big red trucks. We are known for our trucking services, as we firmly believe we employ the best drivers in the industry. Since dump truck delivery is a significant part of our business, we stress our high safety standards to our drivers. It is easy to become frustrated when you come across a vehicle that has no choice but to drive at a slow speed. It is important for people to understand that standard-sized and larger vehicles like dump trucks can coexist on the roads if they follow safe driving practices. Here are some important things to remember if you are ever driving near a dump truck.

They Have Blind Spots

Remember – if you can’t see them, they can’t see you! This means if you can’t see the driver through his window or his reflection in the side view mirror, he can’t see you either.  Many people do not realize that dump trucks have several blind spots. It can be incredibly difficult for a dump truck driver to see vehicles which are driving close to them. This is especially true if your car is small. There are blind spots directly in front of and behind dump trucks. There are also major blind spots on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. For this reason, if you need to pass a dump truck, you should always try to do it on the driver’s side.

Always Give Them Room To Turn

It is significantly more difficult for a dump truck to turn than your average car. Be sure to give them plenty of room to run around corners. If you are driving behind a dump truck, you are best off waiting a safe distance behind the trailer before the driver has finished making a turn.

Always Give The Plenty Of Room To Stop

Did you know that a dump truck can exceed 100,000 pounds when it is loaded? Since this is the case, drivers need to understand that it takes a lot longer to stop than an average-sized car. Always be sure to provide yourself with ample room when you are driving anwhere near a dump truck.


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