What Kinds of Ice Melts Are Safe for Asphalt?


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Make sure you’re using the right kind of ice melts!

The temperatures have dropped and the first ice storm of the season has come and gone, so what did you do to keep your sidewalks and pavement safe and slip-free? Choosing the right ice melts for the material used on your asphalt is absolutely critical to keeping it in good condition. Here are the proper types of ice melts to use on your pavement and sidewalks this winter.

Asphalt vs. Concrete

Depending on what your driveway material is–asphalt or concrete–you might have a ton of ice melt options or very few! Make sure that you know what your pathways are made of before you start to sprinkle down ice melts, as concrete can be very sensitive to things that will work just fine on asphalt.

Sodium Chloride

This common ice melt is plain old salt, the same kind that you find on your dining room table. This is the least expensive ice melt available typically and it only works well down to about 15 degrees, making it only an okay option for Maryland winters. Sodium chloride can absolutely wreck concrete sidewalks and it is not very environmentally friendly, even though it comes directly from the environment.

Calcium Chloride

This ice melt looks like tiny white pellets and can be used in extremely cold temperatures (up to -50 degrees), which makes it an awesome choice for Maryland winters. It will not be too harsh on your landscaping or trees unless you use it in massive concentrations over long periods of time. This will work well on your pavement or concrete sidewalks, as long as you use it in moderation.

Magnesium Chloride

This is a new and innovative type of ice melt that is gaining popularity with homeowners and governments alike. It can destroy ice quickly and remain very effective until about -13 degrees. It is safe for use on concrete and asphalt and is not very damaging to your home or landscaping.

Need Asphalt Repairs Before Winter Sets In?

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