Support Local Infrastructure with #LIFT4MD




Do you know of any particularly bad potholes or other poor infrastructure in your community? Take a picture and tweet it out with the hashtag #LIFT4MD on Tuesday, December 13!

Everyone knows that infrastructure is an important part of communities. When roadways are maintained, they beautify the community and minimize accidents and congestion. Investing in infrastructure is a great way to support local communities and keep Maryland beautiful. To promote investment in infrastructure, the Maryland Association of Counties is encouraging local Marylanders to use the hashtag #LIFT4MD on Tuesday, December 13. What needs fixed in your community? Post pictures of cracked concrete, congested roadways, and old bridges. These posts will raise awareness of the need for more infrastructure investment in the 2017 legislative season! Sharing your pictures and stories is a great way to support your local community. After all, investment in infrastructure boosts Maryland jobs, improves business attractiveness, and advances the quality of life across all of Maryland!

Why We Need Local Road Funding

Did you know that every four years the American Society of Civil Engineers creates a “report card” for American infrastructure? The society takes into account all aspects of infrastructure, assigning each a letter grade, which is then used to create a G.P.A. for America’s overall infrastructure.

Do you know what America’s infrastructure G.P.A. is? D+. The society estimates that we’ll need at least a $3.6 trillion investment in infrastructure nationwide by 2020. Investing in infrastructure is necessary to pull that G.P.A. up and improve our communities. #LIFT4MD is just one way of pushing legislators to put a higher emphasis on much needed infrastructure investment.

What is #LIFT4MD?

When you post your pictures with the tweet #LIFT4MD, you’ll be supporting a community effort called a Local Infrastructure Fast Track. This is an effort to increase funding towards infrastructure so that we can keep ahead of infrastructure needs. If successful, #LIFT4MD would help to provide:

  • A reliable assessment of public infrastructure needs across the state.
  • Substantial local roads funding in the fiscal 2018 state budget.
  • Phased-in restoration of the 30% local share of highway user revenues.

This is a community issue that affects all Marylanders. That’s why we’re asking you to join the twitterstorm on Tuesday, December 13. And it doesn’t stop at Twitter! You can also share your pictures and stories on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #LIFT4MD as well! Read more about this initiative at the Maryland Association of Counties website.

We look forward to seeing your support on Tuesday!


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