What is Asphalt Pavement? FAQs answered by a Baltimore Asphalt Contractor

At Reliable Contracting, we offer everything from the installation of hot and cold-mix asphalt to asphalt patching, large parking lotmilling, seal coating, and crack filling. But what does this all mean? For that matter, what is asphalt pavement?

You undoubtedly use asphalt pavement each and every day. Asphalt is used for everything from driveways to highways to parking lots and everything in between. So what goes into making this versatile product?

What is Asphalt Pavement?

Asphalt pavement is made up of several ingredients, including aggregate (stone), sand, and additives – which makes up about 90-95% of the pavement – and liquid petroleum (liquid asphalt), which binds the aggregate, additives, and sand together.

Asphalt Fun Fact: Did you know that asphalt is the most recycled product in the United States? Approximately 80% of all asphalt pavement is recycled.

How is Asphalt made?

  1. Predose: First, the aggregate components are weighed using a belt weighing instrument, while being transferred to the next step in the process.
  2. Drying: A rotary drying drum is used to dry the components at roughly 300 degrees.
  3. Reweighing: After drying, the aggregate is weighed a second time.
  4. Sifting & Storage: The dried components are then sifted and stored in silos.
  5. Mixing: The aggregate is transferred to the mixer and the liquid asphalt binder is added according to a measured rate of flow.
  6. Storage: Once the asphalt pavement is mixed, it is stored in a heated silo. If the asphalt mix cools it cannot be compacted.

Reliable Contracting operates Three Hot-Mix Asphalt Plants

Reliable Contracting operates three hot-mix asphalt plants in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. By controlling the raw paving materials, asphalt production, trucking, and installation, we can provide complete single-source solutions for your asphalt paving project.

Reliable can produce all of today’s high-performance asphalt paving products, or can tailor a mix or installation to suit your project’s specific needs.

If you have any questions about Asphalt Pavement or if you have a construction project that you need completed right the first time, please contact Reliable Contracting, Anne Arundel County’s largest site-work contractor, by calling 410-987-0313 or visit our website. Reliable Contracting now boasts more than 400 employees, 100 trucks and 250 pieces of earthmoving equipment!

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