Driveway Drainage Tips from your Baltimore Residential Asphalt Contractor

There are many crucial elements to successful driveway design and installation, from quality materials to construction techniques. Still, one of the often overlooked elements is driveway drainage. However, without proper drainage, your driveway could be doomed from the start. Without proper drainage, water infiltration is a very real possibility. And as you probably already know, water infiltration is one of asphalt’s worst enemies.

Driveway Drainage Solutions:

  1. Slope: Ideally, your driveway should slope away from your home or garage at a 2-5% pitch. Two percent calculates to one-quarter inch per foot. This will direct water away from your home and keep your driveway safe.
  2. Drains: Of course, another way to protect your driveway from water infiltration is with drains. This will help remove excess or standing water. This is especially helpful for homes that sit below street level, making slopes alone a less realistic option.
  1. Permeable Pavements: Permeable pavements allow water to pass through openings or voids and return into the soil beneath, thus keeping your driveway safe.

If your driveway does not drain properly, simply repairing cracks and other asphalt damage will do little more than slightly prolong the inevitable. You will need to address your driveway drainage at some point. So why wait? Pick up the phone and call your local, Baltimore asphalt contractor today!

Reliable Contracting: Your Baltimore Residential Asphalt Contractor

For more than 80 years, Reliable’s name has said it all. Our family business has earned its reputation as a leading full-service residential asphalt contractor residential contractor by providing service and quality that is second to none.  We offer everything from the installation of hot and cold-mix asphalt to asphalt patching, milling, seal coating, and crack filling.

If you have any questions about Driveway Drainage or if you have a construction project that you need completed right the first time, please contact Reliable Contracting, Anne Arundel County’s largest site-work contractor, by calling 410-987-0313 or visit our website. Reliable Contracting now boasts more than 400 employees, 100 trucks and 250 pieces of earthmoving equipment!

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  1. Driveway Drainage: When Water Is the Enemy
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