Watch Out! Staying Safe in Road Work Zones

Now that the days are getting longer and the weather a little warmer, many highway contractors will be taking advantage of this fact and planning their projects for the evening and nighttime hours. This makes sense for a number of practical reasons: the spring and summer days give contractors more daylight hours to deal with, and working throughout the night allows for minimal disruption to heavy traffic. But working at night does also pose a risk to highway contractors, as motorists can forget to drive carefully through work zones. To avoid roadside risks and keep everyone safe, read on for some Reliable tips!

 work zone safetyTaking Precautions in a Road Work Zone

 Driving cautiously throughout a work zone not only keeps the workers safe, but also you and your passengers. Keep the following facts in mind when dealing with work zones this season.

  • Pay attention to the time. On major highways, the majority of the roadside contracting work will take place between the early evening (7 p.m.) and early morning (6 a.m.) hours. Keep your eyes peeled for work zones set up during that period!
  • Pay attention to altered speed limits. On a highway that you are accustomed to driving, you may not always pay close attention to the speed limit signage. When a work zone is set up, however, they are typically accompanied by new signage that displays a slower speed limit. Even if you are used to driving at a set speed on a given road, stay alert and look for any changes to stay safe.
  • Pay attention to additional signage. Sometimes, a work zone will include signs other than speed limit signs that give instructions to passing drivers. Watch for these signs and obey their directions; not doing so could put you or a roadside worker at risk for serious injury.
  • Pay attention to alternate route options. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid traveling on a major highway, while other times you may have an available detour. If you can avoid a work zone altogether, do so to minimize the potential for danger.

Driving through a work zone at night can be a low-risk experience if you stay alert and obey all traffic signals, signs, and barriers. Check back in with Reliable for more tips on traveling safely on the road!

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