Schedule a Spring Makeover for Your Parking Lots!

All across Maryland, people are preparing for the April showers and May flowers of the spring season! Spring in the state means more than just the beauties of nature, too; it means the chance to revamp and rejuvenate by taking on new projects. Want to learn more about one such project that is perfectly suited for spring? Read on!

parking-lot-repaving Parking Lot Repaving is the Ultimate Spring Project

 After a long, tough winter, you no doubt will see a few problems with your parking lots. Melting snow can work its way into the cracks in old asphalt; when it turns to ice, the asphalt cracks open even further, causing potholes. De-icing salt and snow ploughs can also rough up asphalt surfaces in winter. Come springtime, these faults will become more and more evident, and so a spring makeover for your asphalt could be just the thing you need!

 Parking Lot Repaving with Hot Mix Asphalt

 In the springtime, you can take full advantage of one of the most popular varieties of asphalt: hot mix asphalt. Hot mix asphalt is a blend of gravel and cement that must maintain a certain temperature when it is first poured. Because spring weather is generally warm and pleasant, it provides the perfect conditions for hot mix asphalt to be poured and for it to set.

 The Top Benefits of Repaving Parking Lots

 Repaving your parking lots this spring is a good decision for a couple of reasons. For example…

it will improve safety. With a clean, smooth asphalt surface, drivers and pedestrians alike will face fewer risks while in your parking lot.

…it will boost your facility’s appeal. Rather than turning people off with an unsightly and damaged parking lot, invite them in with a freshly paved one.

…it will be a sound investment. You could find yourself making continuous patches and repairs to your parking lot, or you could eliminate all your problems at once by repaving it!

If you are interested in repaving your parking lot this spring, get in touch with Reliable Contracting today for more information!

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