The Impact Of Winter Weather On Construction Projects

The Impact Of Winter Weather On Construction Projects

Take proper precautions this winter.

Winter will officially begin in less than two weeks. The winter season often brings a variety of obstacles and setbacks to construction activities. Many construction projects are even put on hold during the winter season. Many experienced contractors and project managers know better than to press their luck when there is a possibility of hazardous conditions. Also, some projects just cannot be completed when there are frigid temperatures. Keep reading and discover some of the major impacts of winter weather on construction projects.

Safety Concerns

The winter brings rounds of cold weather to the Mid-Atlantic region. It is crucial to realize that the cold is a real threat to construction workers who are outside for long periods. Shivering can lead to frostbite or hypothermia. Construction workers are at high risk because of the high-intensity nature of their work. It is extremely dangerous to sweat when working in freezing temperatures. Also, high winter winds can be hazardous if there is scaffolding needed. These are reasons why so many projects are planned around the weather forecasts.

It Presents Limitations

There are reasons why most construction projects are completed during the warmer months of the year. Not only is it more hospitable for construction workers, but the temperatures are ideal for pouring concrete. You simply cannot pour concrete on the ground when it has frozen over because it can lead to cracking. This is because the ground settles as the temperature rises, which will likely ruin the project.


Although snow can create a pretty landscape, it is treacherous for construction jobs. When it melts and refreezes, ice will form. Slippery surfaces are a recipe for disaster for construction workers. Projects may need to be rescheduled if there is snow in the forecast.


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